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Information sharing in supply chains: a literature review and research agenda

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posted on 2017-06-07, 00:24 authored by Baihaqi, Imam, Beaumont, Nicholas
Information sharing is a vital aspect of coordination amongst parties in a supply chain. Information sharing can increase supply chain efficiency by reducing inventories and smoothing production. Supply chain efficiency is highly important as today's competition is no longer between companies, but between supply chains. This review discusses the impacts of information sharing in supply chains. The two perspectives used are the degree and the value of information sharing. The degree of information sharing relates to choosing the partner with whom information should be shared, the type of information shared, and the quality of shared information. The paper discusses the potential benefits of information sharing, noting that these benefits may be shared unequally amongst parties and consumers. Using these two perspectives, several research questions pertaining to information sharing in supply chains that merit research are identified.


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