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Individual and contextual factors affecting quality of work life and work attitudes of gay men

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posted on 08.06.2017, 02:33 authored by Trau, Raymond N.C, Hartel, Charmine E. J.
With the current political environment (such as new legislation recognising gay and lesbian couples) and societal changes (such as increasing disclosure of sexual identity in the workplace) in countries such as the U.S. and Australia, organizations are increasingly recognising the existence of their gay and lesbian employees. These changes mean that organizations need to understand the career experiences of their gay and lesbian employees if they are to have access to the full labour pool and if they are to retain the talent they attract. This paper reports on an on-line survey of 582 working gay men and four in-depth interviews of organizational practitioners involved in sexual diversity program development. The findings of the research provide a strong indication that both individual and contextual factors affect the quality of work life and work attitudes of gay men. In addition, the research supports the notion that sexual identification issues impact on the working lives of gay men and that career counsellors need a good understanding of the issues involved in integrating one's sexual identity with one's career. Organizations can create a positive working environment for sexual minorities by creating a culture, which fosters all kinds of diversity. Such an objective can beachieved by on-going support from top management and education for all employees.


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