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Globalisation, institutions and interests: an integrated framework for comparing industrial relations reform in Australia and New Zealand

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posted on 07.06.2017, 01:29 by Wailes, Nick, Ramia, Gaby
The aim of this paper is to develop an integrated theoretical framework which is capable of explaining similarities and differences in national patterns of industrial relations in the context of globalisation. The first half of the paper reviews three theoretical frameworks that can be used to compare industrial relations developments in different countries - simple globalisation, the new institutional ism and a material interest approach to political economy. It argues that whilst institutionalist arguments tend to dominate analysis of the effects of globalisation on national patterns of industrial relations, a model which combines institutionalist and material interest approaches can overcome some of the anomalies attendant in institutionalist analysis. The second section demonstrates the benefits of an integrative theoretical framework for explaining patterns of industrial relations reform in Australia and New Zealand during the 1980s.


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Working paper series (Monash University. Department of Management).

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