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Give Gaming a Go! Enhancing learning through gamification

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posted on 09.08.2018, 03:04 by Michelle De AizpuruaMichelle De Aizpurua, Emma Price, Kay TuckerKay Tucker
(2018) 26(2) Australian Law Librarian 92

Teaching and learning legal research in the law school classroom can often be challenging for both the teacher and the student, especially when the content is technical or complex. As legal research teachers, we are continually striving to increase student engagement, learning, and retention. One method that has gained popularity recently is gamification. This involves utilising game mechanics, such as points, levels or rewards, to encourage involvement and motivation. Gamification can take many forms, and coding skills are not needed to create a simple game. The Librarians and Learning Skills Advisers at the Monash University Law Library (MULL) have recently used gamification to teach two topics of importance for law students; researching legislation and academic integrity.