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Freedom to roam?: use of schoolyard space in primary schools with new arrivals programs

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posted on 07.11.2016, 22:13 by Due, Clemence, Riggs, Damien
This paper presents findings from research conducted in two primary schools in South Australia with New Arrivals Programs (NAPs). The paper considers findings derived from a content analysis of photo elicitation data and a thematic analysis of focus group data in order to elaborate some of the ways in which the uses of, and assumptions about, space and place within the schools negatively impact upon students in NAPs. Specifically, the findings suggest that students in NAPs photographed a less diverse range of school spaces than did students not in NAPs, and that in focus groups students not in NAPs were explicit in stating that they saw school spaces as territory to be claimed. Importantly, the findings suggest that students in NAPs wished that they could roam more freely within school spaces, were they able to do so. The paper concludes with suggestions that may assist schools with NAPs to ensure that school spaces better meet the needs of all students.

International Research in Early Childhood Education, vol. 2, no. 1, p. 1-16