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Factors Leading to Management Consulting Success

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posted on 2017-06-05, 04:11 authored by Kumar, Vanya, Simon, Alan, Kimberley, Nell
This working paper reports the findings of a research investigation which aimed to identify the factors/strategic capabilities which lead to management consulting success. The study also aimed to find out what management consultants consider to be the actual performance indicators of consulting success and whether these were related to the factors/strategic capabilities. The research design for this study was a modified Generative Strategy. Several data collection methods, namely, interviews, content analysis and questionnaires, were used to generate both qualitative and quantitative data. Twenty-one factors were identified. These were subsumed under the two broad categories of (1) Functions and (2) Skills and Values. The three most critical functions identified, in descending order, were quality of service, setting objectives and solving problems. The three most crucial skills/ values were, integrity and honesty, client-consultant commimication and credibility. Ten performance indicators were identified. Of these, the three most crucial, as identified by the respondents, were, customer satisfaction, profitability and repeat business. Lastly, the successful management consultant is experienced, knowledgeable and multiskilled.


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