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Ethical dilemma in defining the role of chief information officer

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posted on 2017-06-06, 03:43 authored by Petrovìc-Lazarevìc, Sonja
Electronic business is based on using computers and networks in all aspects of business. This new business concept is developing its own culture, which faces many ethical dilemmas. One is the role of chief information officer. As a leader of information technology application in business, the chief information officer's ethical behaviour influences electronic business culture ethics in the organisation. In electronic business both the chief executive officer and chief information officer are responsible for the organisational culture. That is, the chief information officer having capabilities for reasoning, forming values and making information decisions contributes to creating corporate core values. From an employee's prospective the chief information officer is treated as the employer. But being employed by the organisation in a similar way to the rest of the employees, the chief information officer can be treated as an employee of the organisation. This duality in the role of chief information officer causes ethical dilemmas that may be solved through establishing ethical codes that are based on existing global ethical codes.


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