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Editorial and front matter: Colloquy, Issue 24, November 2012

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posted on 2017-05-22, 06:11 authored by Colloquy
COLLOQUY text theory critique
issue 24, November 2012
Includes special section:
Tights and Tiaras: Female Superheroes and Media Cultures
Issue 24 of Colloquy: text, theory, critique consists principally of a special section entitled Tights and Tiaras: Female Superheroes and Media Cultures, which arose from the conference of the same name that took place at Monash University in 2011. This section, which contains eight articles, is guest edited by Evie Kendal and Deb Waterhouse-Watson, whom the editors thank for their efforts in assembling such an interesting collection of articles. The collection presents a diverse and important engagement with the issues surrounding the representation of powerful female figures in various media.


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