Editorial and front matter: Colloquy, Issue 12, November 2006

2017-05-21T05:00:58Z (GMT) by Colloquy

COLLOQUY: text theory critique

Issue 12, November 2006

Be true to the earth

guest edited by Kate Rigby

with Samantha Capon, Peter C. Coleman, Barbara Ghattas

Issue 12 of Colloquy: text theory critique publishes the proceedings of the conference Be true to the earth, which took place at Monash University on March 31-April 1, 2005 and which was co-organized by Colloquy. The collection of papers, edited by Samantha Capon, Peter Coleman, Barbara Ghattas and Kate Rigby, focuses on eco-criticism and eco-philosophy and contains articles on a wide range of topics, from Nietzsche to Patrick White, from Orwell to Judith Wright, from landscape and poetry to earth-based ethics. A number of people made possible the realization of this issue, first and foremost the referees who reviewed the articles and whom the editors want to thank.