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posted on 22.05.2017, 02:17 by Colloquy editorial team
Issue 15 of Colloquy: text theory critique comes in a new format that we think presents the best of both worlds – it combines both general articles and a themed section (albeit a short one, on this occasion). For the foreseeable future, this will be the format for Colloquy – twice a year, with a special theme each issue and space for general articles to boot. This change is made in response to demand and means that we offer post-graduate students from institutions both local and abroad the opportunity to submit their work in line with a Call for Papers or in regards to their own specific areas of research. As well as this Colloquy offers the possibility of publishing new translations (this issue contains a Spanish poem), review articles, book reviews, creative pieces, and opinion essays (another new section, with a focus this issue on matters of faith and/or speculative philosophy). We believe that this makes Colloquy a uniquely vibrant and valuable tool for postgraduate and early career researcher publication.
The themed section of Issue 15 draws from papers presented at the recent German Studies Association of Australia conference titled Erinnerungskrise / Crisis of Memory. With an explosion of interest in the concept of memory (Erinnerung and Gedächtnis) in recent years, the three postgraduate papers published in this issue consider a range of new concepts including post Holocaust memory and traumatic memory, and their interplay with literature, history and the human experience.


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