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Determinants of B2B E-commerce Implementation and Performance: a Causal Model from Australian Empirical Evidence

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posted on 05.06.2017, 00:58 by Power, Damien
Much of the literature proposes an extensive set of benefits for organizations that choose to implement a range of B2B e-commerce technologies. Another parallel theme that emerges is that implementation has been limited for many of the established technologies and practices such as EDI. This paper seeks to address the question of what some of the determinants of implementation of these technologies could be, and how these relate to the issue of business performance. A causal model has been developed based on data from 335 Australian companies that have been involved in the use of B2B enabling technologies for the management of their supply chains. The results provide some interesting insights, particularly in clarifying the nature of the relationship between extent of implementation and performance. In the case of the former, extent of implementation has no significant direct effect on performance, although they are highly correlated. The nature of the relationship is shown to result from their shared dependence on other organizational factors such as capability, process for formulation of strategic logic and knowledge of technological options and potential.


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Monash University. Faculty of Business and Economics. Department of Management