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Creating an image: film-induced festivals in the American West

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posted on 05.06.2017, 01:54 authored by Frost, Warwick
Film and television are major forces in shaping destination image and encouraging tourism visitation. A growing literature reports on how film and television either directly attract tourists or is incorporated into destination marketing campaigns. However, there has been little research examining how film and television may be used in festivals and events and how destinations may actively use such festivals as a medium for creating their destination image. This article considers film-induced festivals in the small American towns of Lone Pine and Jamestown. Both have been extensively used as film locations since the 1920s, primarily for Westerns. Lone Pine has been the location for over 350 films, and Jamestown has been the location for 150 films. Through film-themed festivals, these towns have reshaped their destination images as idealised and romanticised Western locales. In contrast other aspects of their heritage have been downplayed causing some dissonance between stakeholders.


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