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An Italian's story (part I)

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journal contribution
posted on 29.04.2019, 23:48 by Giulia Lepori
This piece of creative prose is the first sequence of a triptych on Italian stories of social and environmental sustainability, recollected through the point of view of my intra-connection with other humans and non-humans. The intention is to represent the entangled chaos of the ecological system that is a human being, where each discursive and material moment of her/his story is the continuation, the end and the beginning of another one. For this purpose, the narration appears like a coiling composition of memories that does not strictly follow chronological order, nor does it claim a definite first-person narrator. The deliberate sense of confusion aims to provoke the feeling that a human life is a woven circularity created by multiple agencies. 'An Italian Story' is an affective glance at an evolving practice of environmental humanist investigation as a form of poetical activism. In this subjective dimension, life writing can become a creative autoethnographic action to tell different stories that narrate back this age of ecological disruption.

PAN: Philosophy Activism Nature, No. 14, Dec 2018: 67-72