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A human service learning community : at work in the Northern Territory

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posted on 02.06.2017, 01:11 by West, Deborah, Ennis, Gretchen, Heath, David
The Northern Territory provides a diverse, vibrant and challenging human service practice environment. However the isolation of remote practice, entrenched social injustices, inadequate supervision and difficulty applying mainstream social work knowledge to an NT practice context are all factors which can negatively impact what should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. This article discusses challenges to optimising the practice learning opportunities available in the NT. In addressing this topic we will reflect on taking a 'learning community' approach to human service education. This approach highlights the need to build relationships, identify and build on strengths, and work with communities to develop programs that are pedagogically sound and sustainable in the longer term within the NT. We provide examples of theoretical frameworks and processes that guide this approach in the hope of creating foundations for quality human service learning in the NT.


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