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02 Exploring Play-based Pedagogy in Government Pre-primary Classrooms of Bangladesh

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posted on 2021-12-03, 01:31 authored by Rafiath Rashid, Syeda Nazneen Jahan
This study investigates classroom practices and teachers’ perception to implement play-based pedagogy in the pre-primary classrooms in Bangladesh. By applying a qualitative framework for data collection from six government pre-primary schools, and analysing those data, this paper critically examines the limitations exist in regard to implementation of play based pedagogy. It argues that implementation of play-based teaching and learning approach in the government pre-primary classrooms in Bangladesh has its own boundaries in terms of inadequate teachers professional development insufficient space for large number of students, and conservative use of play materials. Findings of the study indicates the focus of one-year pre-primary education mostly towards formal school readiness, hence emphasizes on classroom activities to develop children’s academic skills. It also shows less scope of child directed spontaneous play to foster those academic skills, and wide use of teacher directed structured play-based activities during classroom hours, often compromising free play hours. Finally, this paper signposts the ambiguous perception of teachers regarding play based pedagogy as teaching-learning method. Furthermore, considering the emphasis of learning through play by the Government of Bangladesh (NCTB, 2011), this equivocal perception of teachers about play based pedagogy may lead the generation backward to the traditional rote based teaching-learning method. Therefore, high attention should be paid for strengthening teachers’ professional development.