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Is a Quality System Worthwhile if It Doesn't Improve Customer Satisfaction? A Case Study Examining the Value of Implementing an IT-based Business Management System

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posted on 07.06.2017 by Seen, Megan, Beaumont, Nicholas, Mingins, Christine
This paper reports on the experiences of an Australian software development firm that implemented an information technology (IT)-supported business management system (BMS) to gain ISO 9001 certification. Data was gathered before and after implementation to measure the changes brought about by the BMS. The results indicate that a BMS may ostensibly have little effect on customer satisfaction levels for suppliers that have already implemented effective work practices. However, in these circumstances, a BMS can be implemented and certification obtained at low cost, and other benefits may be realised. Consideration of these and other factors will help managers evaluate the potential value of a BMS to an organisation.


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