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Treks: Dolpo and Jumla

posted on 22.09.2016, 04:09 authored by David Templeman
Taken during August-November 1969 this collection of photographs chronicles aspects of a long (4 month) trek to the west of Nepal. Commencing in Pokhara the route went via Rukum, southern Dolpo, to Jumla and finally via Dailekh to Surkhet. One photo shows a fine piece of architecture built by the Swiss Red Cross for their one staff member in an isolated Tibetan resettlement valley. The route then proceeds through high-altitude Magar villages to southern Dolpo where the complex of villages called Tarakot are recorded. Thereafter travelling via Tibrikot and Phoksumdo to Jumla the country becomes somewhat less arduous and at Jumla we see what remains of a 10-11th century settlement still functioning as an administrative centre. There are several photographs of female murderers in the local jail and I was surprised that they were all accused of being poisoners. The archaeological site of Dullu is shown (the images of the various important stone stele are in a separate file) and the journey then travels southwards to the gentler areas of Dailekh and Surkhet.