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Temples: West Nepal

posted on 2016-09-22, 03:08 authored by David Templeman
Taken during November 1969 this small collection shows something of the breadth of styles of temples found in west Nepal. In southern Dolpo shrines festooned with prayer flags may be seen as well as a row of shrines in the village of Tarakot. Five images show the fortress of Tibrikot which controlled approaches to Dolpo until the 18th cent. Now it has become a very important shrine dedicated to Tripura Sundari ('The Goddess of the Three Cities') and it stands in contrast to the neighbouring Buddhist villages. It is a most solemn and imposing building with charming architectural features, especially several beautiful devices hanging from its eaves. Two images show the newly erected (in 1969) Hindu temple in Jumla, a site of ancient Buddhism now almost completely Hindu in character. Finally four photographs of a tenth century complex of Hindu temples in Dailekh, west Nepal, disused for centuries and inhabited by cobras in 1969 and not to be entered.

Original format: col.; 5 x 5 cm