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Nepal: Lowland People

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posted on 22.09.2016, 01:45 by David Templeman
Taken during December 1969 these photographs show a selection of the people encountered in both the Dailekh and Surkhet districts of south-west Nepal. Here the climate is warmer, agriculture is easier than in high-altitude areas and life is measurably easier. This is reflected in the carefree children, the graceful adults and the rather more lush land. A small group of eight images reflects the far south of Nepal, the Terai, around Lumbini the birthplace of the Buddha. Here the people are almost Indian in appearance and character and the impressive silver bangle which may be seen is of Indian manufacture and reflects the quite different range of consumer goods available in the local bazaar compared to Dailekh and Surkhet which were more restricted in range.

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