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炭步司法所 宣

Resolutely eliminate gang forces and enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and security
How long will the special fight against gangs and villains be carried out this time?
This nationwide campaign to fight against gangs and villains is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It started at the beginning of 2018 (January 23) and will end at the end of 2020 for a period of three years.

What are the goals and tasks of the national campaign against gangs and villains?
Through three years of unremitting efforts, the illegal and criminal activities of gangster forces, especially in rural areas, have been fundamentally curbed, and the public security and order chaos have been comprehensively rectified. The degree of protection has been significantly improved; the "protective umbrella" of underworld forces has been eliminated, and the environment for strengthening grass-roots organizations has been significantly optimized; grass-roots social governance capabilities have been significantly improved, and the long-term mechanism for preventing and combating crimes involving underworld and evil has become more complete. The legalization, standardization, and professionalization of the work of eliminating gangs and villains has been further improved.

What are the twelve "gangster forces" to be targeted?
(1) The gangster forces that threaten political security, especially those that threaten the security of the regime, the security of the system, and those that infiltrate the political field;
(2) The gangster forces that control grassroots political power, manipulate and sabotage grassroots general elections, monopolize rural resources, and embezzle collective property;
(3) Gangster forces such as "village tyrants" who use family and clan forces to run rampant in the countryside, dominate one area, and oppress and harm the people;
(4) Gangster forces inciting disturbances in the process of land acquisition, land lease, demolition, project construction, etc.;
(5) Gangster forces in industries and fields such as construction engineering, transportation, mineral resources, fishery and fishing that forcefully recruit projects, bid maliciously, illegally occupy land, and exploit indiscriminately;

(6) Market tyrants, tyrants and other underworld forces that bully the market, buy and sell by force, and collect protection fees in commercial and trade fairs, wholesale markets, stations, docks, tourist attractions, and other places;
(7) Gangster forces that manipulate and operate illegal and criminal activities such as "pornography, gambling and drugs";
(8) Gangster forces that illegally lend money at high interest rates and collect debts violently;
(9) Gangster forces that interfere in civil disputes and act as "underground law enforcement team";
(10) Gangster forces that organize or hire online "navy" to threaten, intimidate, insult, slander, and harass online;
(11) The development and infiltration of overseas triads and cross-border underworld forces;
(12) At the same time, resolutely dig deep into the "protective umbrella" of gangster forces.
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