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严格执法 热情服务    























Strict law enforcement Enthusiastic service    

Centre for the Implementation of a New Era of Civilization    The Implementation of a New Era of Civilization    Vigorously promote and popularize the general secretary’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, actively cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, promote the revitalization of rural culture, and promote the creation of civilized cities. In accordance with the demands of the central, provincial and municipal party committees, designing plans to ensure the successful developing of Centre for the Implementation of a New Era of Civilization for the whole city.    

Target setting  

Undertake the missions of raising the flag, bringing together the hearts of the people, cultivating newcomers, invigorating culture, and displaying the right image  

Focus on cultivating civilized rural customs, good family customs, simple folk customs, coordinating urban-rural interaction, and propagating ideological policies  

Going the "last mile" to convey civilized customs, clear propaganda channels to the masses, educate the masses, care for the masses and serve the masses  

Make a clear comprehensive base platform that integrates thought guidance, moral education, and cultural inheritance  Build a home for the common people that "spreads ideas, implements civilization, and achieves dreams"    

Main content  

[Spread ideas] Continue to get deeply involved in studying and promoting the thinking of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics by the General Secretary  

[Spread policy] Get deeply involved in the promotion and discussion of swapping new for old functions, rural revitalization strategies, development and construction practices, as well as policies directed at agricultural and rural education, medical care, the environment and other aspects, promote knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations.  

[Spread ethics] Vigorously promote socialist core values, actively advocate social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality, be a civilized and courteous person, and cultivate civilized and courteous social customs. 

[Spread culture] Promote outstanding aspects of Chinese traditional culture and red culture, pass on literature and art, painting and calligraphy, and traditional customs.  

[Spread law] Promote the socialist concept of the rule of law and the spirit of the rule of law, and extensively create a strong atmosphere of respect for the law, faith in the law, following the law, using the law, and protecting the law.  [Spread technology] Organize and carry out practical activities such as labour skills, science and technology, health care, and traditional skills to meet the work and life needs of different groups.    

The way that it will be realised  

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