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Dulla inscriptions

posted on 21.09.2016, 23:57 by David Templeman
Taken during November 1969 after a trek of several months to Jumla in western Nepal, I was required to fulfil one of the conditions of being allowed so far from the acceptable areas permitted to trekkers. I had made the trek conditional on my re-photographing the inscriptions on many stone stele at Dullu, previously recorded by Prof Tucci in the 1950's. Dullu was the focal centre of the Khasa Malla kingdom (12-14th cent C.E.) My aim was to record the overview of Dullu as well as certain key inscriptions which were unclear in his reproductions. Their importance lies in them as a record of the Malla kingdom of west Nepal which extended into Tibet and which contributed a spectacular metal image-making style to both Nepal and Tibet. The stele are to be distinguished from the more famous Malla dynasty which ruled Kathmandu and surrounding cities between the 13th and late 17th centuries.

Original format: col.; 5 x 5 cm