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Curating Photography

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posted on 18.10.2017, 01:35 by DANIEL PALMERDANIEL PALMER, Martyn Jolly
The website "Curating Photography", www.photocurating.net, forms part of a joint research project between Dr Daniel Palmer (Monash University) and Dr Martyn Jolly (Australian National University), supported by grants from the Australia Council and Australian Research Council. The project seeks to recognise the crucial role of exhibitions in the development of photographic practice. Towards this end, we aim to offer a systematic account of the history of photography curating in Australia. By publishing interviews with international and Australian curators, we hope to identify the challenges faced by institutions in effectively engaging with new forms and practices of photography enabled through digital circulation. Establishing a dialogue around old and new curatorial approaches to the medium, the research is premised on the idea that in the age of photosharing, when photographs are proliferating as never before, the curatorial functions of selecting, collecting and contextualizing photography have never been more important.


Australian Research Council; Australia Council for the Arts


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