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2014_05-24_Cape_Liptrap_LARGE_v1_orthomosaic_10cm.tif (101.8 MB)
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Cape Liptrap orthomosaic

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posted on 2019-02-14, 09:20 authored by Stefan VollggerStefan Vollgger, Alexander Cruden
Georeferenced raster image
Format: TIF
Resolution: 10cm
Size: 104 MB (7,428 x 12,176 pixel)
Coordinate reference system: GDA94 Z55 (EPGS::28355)

Computed from aerial images acquired by UAV using Agisoft PhotoScan (digital photogrammetry software package). For details on the workflow read Vollgger & Cruden 2016.

Vollgger, S.A., Cruden, A.R., 2016. Mapping folds and fractures in basement and cover rocks using UAV photogrammetry, Cape Liptrap and Cape Paterson, Victoria, Australia. Journal of Structural Geology 85, 168–187.