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Canang Seureukeh

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posted on 2017-06-02, 06:26 authored by Kartomi, Margaret J., Kartomi, Hidris
For female participants. A canang (small gong) seureukah (place) is a wooden xylophone that is beaten with a pair of sticks and consists of four to seven tuned hardwood keys which rest on a wooden base, or on a pair of parallel banana stems for greater resonance. The canang seureukeh is played mainly by Acehnese women in the rice field after work for relaxation or at home as a means, for example, of lulling babies to sleep. Copyright 1982. Notes prepared by Bronia Kornhauser with Margaret Kartomi, School of Music-Conservatorium, Monash University. Photography by Hidris Kartomi.



Margaret J. Kartomi

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Sumatra -- Aceh -- Kabupaten Aceh Utara -- Town of Lhok Seumawe

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