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提高警惕 谨防诈骗 

牢记八个“凡是“ 四个 “不”



1. 凡是网络兼职刷单的,都是诈骗;

2. 凡是办理贷款要先缴纳平台费或手续费的,都是诈骗;

3. 凡是自称客服要求点击链接、扫描二维码退款退税的,都是诈骗;

4. 凡是以出售低价商品要求支付定金、预付款、手续费的,都是诈骗;

5. 凡是自称公检法要求汇款到安全账户的,都是诈骗;

6. 凡是通知中奖,领取奖品需要先交手续费的,都是诈骗;

7. 凡是电话中所要银行卡及短信验证码的,都是诈骗;

8. 凡是陌生网站要登记银行卡信息的,都是诈骗。


1. 不轻易登陆陌生网址链接。

2. 不轻易添加陌生QQ微信。

3. 不轻易下载陌生APP。

4. 不轻易向陌生账户转钱!



Be vigilant and beware of scams

Remember eight "anyone" and four "no"

Telecom network fraud is harmful to people. In order to help the general public effectively prevent it, the Yanta Branch of Xi'an Public Security Bureau has compiled an anti-scam formula, hoping that everyone can be more vigilant in their lives.

Eight "anyone"

1. Anyone recruiting part-time jobs for "click farming" is a scam.

2. Anyone who needs to pay the platform fee or handling fee before applying for a loan is a fraud;

3. Anyone who claims that customer service requires clicking a link or scanning a QR code for a tax refund is a fraud;

4. Anyone who asks for a deposit, advance payment, or handling fee for selling low-priced goods is a fraud;

5. Anyone who claims that they are from public security and law enforcement and requires remittance to a safe account is a fraud;

6. Anyone who is notified of winning a prize and needs to pay a handling fee before receiving the prize is a fraud; 

7. Anyone who asks for a bank card and SMS verification code on the phone is a fraud;

8. Anyone who wants to register bank card information on an unfamiliar website is a scam.

Four “Nos”

1. Do not log in to unfamiliar website links.

2. Do not add unfamiliar QQ and WeChat.

3. Do not download unfamiliar apps.

4. Do not transfer money to unfamiliar accounts. 

The above eight "anyone" is frauds, so remember not to transfer money to the other party. Once you find that you have been cheated, please keep chat records, transfer evidence and other evidence as soon as possible, and call the police number 86772110 of the Yanta Branch of the Public Security Bureau to report the case. 

Yanta Branch of Xi'an Public Security Bureau reminds you: For the safety of you and your family, please follow the Yanta Anti-Fraud Official Account, download and install the National Anti-Fraud Center APP, and keep abreast of the latest anti-fraud knowledge.


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