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防范电信诈骗 保障财产安全


1. 刷单返利诈骗

2. 投资赌博诈骗

3. 冒充公检法诈骗

4. 网上贷款诈骗

5. 冒充熟人领导诈骗

6. 冒充淘宝或快递客服诈骗

7. 扫描二维码诈骗

8. 电话欠费诈骗

9. 银行卡欠费透支诈骗

10. 通知退费、退税诈骗

11. 虚假中奖诈骗

12. 编造亲人、朋友事故诈骗

13. 发布转账账户诈骗

14. 彩票透码诈骗

15. 诈取话费诈骗

16. 招工信息诈骗


个人信息要保密 密码账号管仔细

陌生电话要警惕 短信链接需注意

邮包违禁不要慌 医保欠费要骗你

冒充公检法来电 提放骗子在演戏


亲朋好友遇急事 不忙汇款先联系

中奖退税送便宜 哄你汇钱时目的

暴利理财和投资 多是骗局莫搭理

刷卡消费欠话费 细分真伪辨猫腻

升级网银假信息 钓鱼网站莫点击

天上不会掉馅饼 涉钱信息勿轻信

任凭骗术千万变 我自心中有主意




一、 防范电信诈骗,请您牢记“三不一多”,即不轻信、不透露、不转账,多核实;

二、 发现被骗后,请及时保存聊天记录、转账凭证等证据资料,第一时间拨打110报警。雁塔区的居民也可拨打029-86772110报警

三、 为了您和家人的财产安全,请关注雁塔反诈公众号,并下载国家反诈中心APP,及时掌握掌握最新防骗知识。

Prevent telecom fraud and protect property

Protect against telecom fraud

1. Rebate scams

2. Invest in gambling scams

3. impersonating the Public Prosecution

4. Online loan scams

5. Impersonating an acquaintance and supervisor

6. Impersonating Taobao or courier customer service 

7. QR code scams

8. Phone delinquency scams

9. Credit card overdraft scams 

10. Notification of refund and tax refund scams

11. False Lottery Winning Scams

12. Fabricating accidents for relatives and friends

13. Bank Account Scams 

14. Lottery Scams

15. phone bill fraud

16. Recruitment fraud

Anti-deception tips

Personal information should be kept confidential, and the password account should be carefully managed.

Beware of unfamiliar calls, SMS, and links. 

Do not panic when you are told your parcel is prohibited or in medical payment arrears. 

Be aware that Someone called you acting as public prosecution or law enforcement;

When The caller claimed that the underworld immediately called the police without hesitation

do not rush to send money when told relatives or friends in an emergency; contact them first

Winning the lottery and sending a tax refund is just a scam to coax you to remit money. 

Profiteering financial management and investment are mostly scams

Discern scams from credit card consumption to overdue telephone charges

Upgrade online banking fake information; do not click Phishing websites 

Money doesn't grow on trees. Be aware of the money-related scam. 

No matter how deception tricks change, I always have a plan.

Yanta anti-fraud public account

National Anti-fraud Center APP

The Yanta Branch of the Xi'an Public Security Bureau reminds you.

1. To prevent telecommunications fraud, please keep in mind the "three don’t, and one do", that is, do not trust, do not disclose, do not transfer, and verify;

2. After discovering that you have been deceived, please save the chat records, transfer evidence and other evidence and call 110 to contact the police as soon as possible. Residents of Yanta District can also call the police at 029-86772110

3. For the safety of your property and your family, please pay attention to the Yanta Anti-fraud Official Account and download the National Anti-fraud Center APP to learn about the latest anti-fraud information.


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