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1. 清除各类积水:文子的卵依种类不同可产在水面、水边或水中三种不同位置,伊蚊主要孳生在积水中,子子从卵孵为蚊,最快七天,最长二十六天,一般要十二天左右,我们要及时清除各类积水,室内花盆托盘要及时清倒积水,储水容器要加盖,及家庭水生植物夏季每周定期换水。室外要清理水槽、废旧轮胎、树洞竹节、废弃瓶桶、水坑等处的积水,疏通下水道、雨水井。生活垃圾要随时清理,操持市内外环境卫生整洁。

2. 安装纱窗、纱门、蚊帐。注意关好纱窗、纱门,不给蚊子可乘之机。蚊子通常喜欢体温较高、易出汗和爱穿黑衣服的人。要及时擦去汗液,运动后尽快洗澡,保持个人卫生。伊蚊喜欢停在黑色衣服上,尽量少穿深色衣服。电蚊香的驱蚊效果最好,使用电蚊香时应保持室内空气流通,最佳使用时间是睡前半小时。

3. 家庭使用DEET、哌卡瑞丁类灭蚊气雾剂时,适合在白天使用,可对厨房、卫生间水槽下、橱柜、桌角卜、楼梯间、阳台、等潮湿阴暗处进行喷洒。在喷洒完气雾剂后需离开房间,关闭门窗半小时到1小时,然后再进入房间开窗通风。喷洒时尽量不要朝衣物、床单、家具表面直接喷洒,避免婴幼儿接触杀蚊气雾剂。

4. 如果被蚊虫叮咬处很痒,可先用手指先弹一弹,再涂上花露水、风油精等均匀涂抹痒处。同时用盐水涂抹或冲泡痒处,这样能使肿块软化消肿,还可以有效止痒。也可用碱性物质进行缓解止痒,如肥皂、香皂等擦洗痒处,家中适量种植驱蚊草、丁香花、万寿菊、茉莉花、薄荷等植物,其浓厚的气味有驱蚊效果,被蚊子叮咬后红肿奇痒时,也可切一小片芦荟叶,洗干净后掰开,在红红肿处涂擦几下,能消肿止痒。

1. Mosquito eggs can be laid on the water's surface, near the water, or in three different locations depending on the species. Aedes mosquitoes mainly breed in stagnant water. Aedes mosquitoes hatch from eggs; the fastest is seven days, and the longest is 26 days. It usually lasts about 12 days. We need to remove all stagnant water. The indoor flowerpot trays should be cleared of water in time, the water storage containers should be covered, and the water of household aquatic plants should be changed regularly every week in summer. It is necessary to clean up water in sinks, waste tires, tree holes and bamboo joints outdoors, discarded bottles and barrels, puddles, and dredge sewers and rainwater wells. Household garbage should be cleaned up at any time to keep the environment inside and outside the city clean and tidy.

2. Install window screens, screen doors, and mosquito nets. Close the windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from taking advantage of them. Mosquitoes usually like people with high body temperature, sweat easily and wear black clothes. Wipe off sweat in time, take a bath as soon as possible after exercise, and maintain personal hygiene. Aedes mosquitoes like to stop on black clothes and try to avoid wearing dark clothes. Electric mosquito-repellent incense has the best mosquito-repellent effect. When using electric mosquito-repellent incense, keep the indoor air circulation, and the best time to use it is half an hour before bed.

3. When using DEET and picaridin mosquito repellent aerosols at home, they are suitable for use during the day and can be sprayed in damp and dark places such as kitchens, bathroom sinks, cabinets, table corners, stairwells, and balconies. After spraying the aerosol, you need to leave the room, close the doors and windows for half an hour to an hour, and then enter the room and open the windows for ventilation. When spraying, try not to spray directly on the surfaces of clothing, bed sheets, and furniture to prevent infants and young children from being exposed to mosquito-killing aerosols.

4. If the mosquito bite is very itchy, you can flick it with your fingers and apply floral water or essential oils evenly on the itchy area. At the same time, smear or soak the itchy area with salt water, which can soften the swelling, reduce swelling, and effectively relieve itching. Alkaline substances can also relieve itching, such as soap to scrub the itchy area. Plant mosquito-repellent grass, lilac, marigold, jasmine, mint and other plants in the home. Their pungent smell has the effect of repelling mosquitoes. When itching, you can also cut a small piece of aloe vera leaf, wash it and break it, and rub it on the red and swollen area a few times, reducing swelling and relieving itching.


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