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posted on 06.04.2018, 06:09 by Andrea Krelle, Susan Sawyer, Christianne O'Donnell

Over eight days in Melbourne at the Royal Children’s Hospital in February and March 2018, nine delegates participated in the intensive Transform Leadership Program, focusing on non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention in Indonesia.

Funded by the Australia-Indonesia Centre, the program was developed by Andrea Krelle – from the Centre of Adolescent Health, The University of Melbourne – in concert with Dr Bernie Medise – Paediatrician, Universitas Indonesia – and the leads from the AIC’s Health Cluster.

The program featured a range of experts from organisations including the University of Melbourne, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Burnet Institute, Victorian Cancer Council, Obesity Policy Coalition, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Monash Business School, Deakin University, and ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service.

Delegates were guided through workshops and seminars on leadership, adolescence, youth development frameworks, NCD prevalence and trends, prevention strategies in tobacco and mental health, evidence-based health promotion, program development, youth engagement, and advocacy including the role of social media.

The early- to mid-career delegates were selected from over 150 applicants to represent a range of disciplines and sectors, each bringing with them expertise, including clinical care and teaching, policy development, NCD research, program development, communication, youth participation, and community development and capacity-building.


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