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Roman glass vase with one handle

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posted on 2022-08-09, 07:54 authored by Centre for Ancient Cultures MuseumCentre for Ancient Cultures Museum

Semi-translucent light-blue and yellow Roman glass jug. Commonly found in burials, this glass vessel was used to hold perfumes or oils. 

Hand blown glass, drop-shaped, globular body with flattened base, cylindrical neck, round-flared and thickened rim, folded over. No decoration, a single dark blue handle is applied and extends from the broad rounded shoulder to the neck and proceeding as a spiral threading around the neck. Some cloudy weathering. .

Date: 1st–3rd century A.D.

Parallels: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum 32.742; Charlottesville, The Fralin Museum of Art 6567; South Hadle, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum MH 2006.23.1, SK 2006.645.INV; compare with New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art X.245; London, British Museum 135006; compare with Houston, Museum of Fine Arts 31.100, 31.106, 70.91; Jerusalem, The Israel Museum 85.72.115.

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Photo by Steve Morton