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Paper Plane 1: One-heart art provocation [Geraldine Burke]

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posted on 2021-02-14, 12:08 authored by Geraldine BurkeGeraldine Burke
Paper Plane 1: One heart art investigations

This paper plane is designed as a photocopied zine that can be shared and explored as an art-education prompt. It works at the space in-between ideas, art, art education and issues of our time.

The plane refers to the life, art and death of Myuran Sukumaran, a convicted drug trafficker, artist and art teacher who was executed for his crimes. In his last painting, before being executed, he co-signed and titled this last artwork as 'One heart - one feeling in love' (See:

The plane is designed to fold our thoughts into whether art can truly be transformative as we explore the folds of the plane and the art-text combinations provoking us to think through art/education/research/issues such as the drug trade and to share from our various world-views, through art.


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