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Paper-plane becoming chatterbox 6: [Kathryn Coleman in response to Geraldine Burke]

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posted on 14.02.2021, 12:19 authored by KATHRYN COLEMANKATHRYN COLEMAN, Geraldine BurkeGeraldine Burke

Paper-plane becoming chatterbox 6 [Kathryn Coleman, 2020] in response to Geraldine Burke


[Geraldine Burke, 2020]

A poetic text that renders the concept of haze in relation to lockdown, bushfires, COVID changes and uncertainties

Lockdown chatterbox and a lockdown plane

[Kathryn Coleman and Geraldine Burke, 2020]

our paper foldings and text are shared back and forth, inpiring new ways to think about current times through a/r/tography.