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General Practice Clinical Learning Environment Framework (GPCLE Framework): Best practice clinical learning environments in general practice

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posted on 17.12.2020, 02:23 by Helen Hickson, Belinda Gabrielle O’Sullivan, Rebecca KippenRebecca Kippen, Donna Cohen, Phil Cohen, Glen Wallace
Hickson H, O’Sullivan B, Kippen R, Cohen D, Cohen P, Wallace G. GPCLE Framework: Best practice clinical learning environments in general practice. Bendigo: GPSA; 2020.

Increasingly training is being decentralised to occur in community general practice (GP) settings, which play an important role in developing a skilled ‘primary-care ready’ workforce. However, there is limited evidence to guide how general practices can implement high quality learning environments suitable for the range of clinical learners they oversee. We aimed to develop a consensus-based framework to support this.

A co-design participatory action research method involved working with stakeholders to agree a program logic, collect and interpret data and agree on a final framework. As a starting point, an initial framework was adapted from the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment (BPCLE) Framework.

Feedback about the draft framework was gathered from national GP Supervisor Liaison Officer Network (SLON) (of experienced GP clinical supervisors) during a 90-minute face-to-face focus group. They rated agreement of the importance of objectives and elements for best practice clinical learning in GP and advised on clear terminology and rationale for including/excluding various components. The framework was refined and received further discussion by another meeting of the SLON and wider GP educational stakeholders until a final graphically designed version was endorsed. The resulting GPCLE ‘GP Clinical Learning Environments’ Framework is applicable for planning and benchmarking best practice learning environments for learners in GP settings.


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