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Engaging with Bioplastic: A Padlet Exposé

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posted on 2022-02-04, 00:27 authored by Nnenna OkoreNnenna Okore, Geraldine BurkeGeraldine Burke, Melissa MilesMelissa Miles

Bioplastic investigations by:

Nnenna Okore; Geraldine Burke; and Melissa Miles

(This Figshare entry links to the visual essay ‘Beyond the matter: Collaborative learning with bioplastic and Padlet’ (In Press 2022)

KEY TERMS: Bioplastic, call-and-response, eco-pedagogy, art-based inquiry, Padlet exploration, socially engaged learning

Call and response Bioplastic Investigations

The call-and-response bioplastic research draws on African and Western materialist perspectives that support intensive and elastic participation by human and nonhuman collaborators (Kariamu Welsh-Asante 1996). Used as an important pedagogical tool for social engagements, our call-and-response research with bioplastic embodies cohesiveness, and generative learning that is beneficial to all involved.

Call-and-response Padlet Investigations

Resulting from a web-based Padlet exploration with text, images and web links, these vignettes show how research participants (Nnenna Okore, Geraldine Burke and Melissa Miles) engage with ‘call-and-response’ provocations (Okore, 2022) to bioplastic, to creatively reflect of the waste issue.

Space for Social Engagement during the Pandemic

In times of COVID, the online Padlet tool served as a useful tool for the research participants to enliven dialogue, creative experience, and learnings around waste through provocations, exchanges and art-making. The online platform offered a space for multilayered artful interventions with bioplastics.

Far-reaching Eco-pedagogies activated by Padlet

The Padlet call-and-response experience fostered other connections in our homes and kitchens; and with friends, family and other nonhuman co-actants. It invited different conversations and eco-pedagogies beyond the online platform.


Kariamu Welsh-Asante. (1996). African Dance: An Artistic, Historical, and Philosophical Inquiry. Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press

Nnenna Okore. (2022). Making Kin. Exhibition Catalogue, North Park University, Chicago. (In press, 2022)

1. An invitation_Call-and-response with bioplastic

2. Getting to know the bioplastic_ the abject effect
3. The overwhelming and discomforting effect of waste
4. A packet of provocation calls on Geraldine, Melissa, and Nnenna to play
5. Domestic experiments with bioplastic
6. Nnenna's inspired responses to Melissa's kitchen experiments
7. Geraldine's playful experimentation_Contrasting material properties
8. Speculative possibilities of bioplastic_ serious play
9. Reflections in action_where to next?
10. Collaborative Padlet _with bioplastic engagement.jpg