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Coin Ptolemy IV Philopater, Alexandria 221–205 B.C.

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posted on 2022-08-09, 07:53 authored by Centre for Ancient Cultures MuseumCentre for Ancient Cultures Museum

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Coin from the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt; Ptolemy IV Philopator. On the obverse, diademed head of Zeus-Ammon, with ram's horn and tainia, facing right. On the reverse, twin eagles with their wings closed, standing left on thunderbolt, which symbolise Zeus’ divine power; cornucopiae to the left. The inscription reads ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ (“King Ptolemy”). Border of dots on the reverse. Mint, Alexandria, Egypt, Cornucopia Series 5. Cental dimples on both sides. Early coins often have punch holes suggesting they were repeatedly tested to determine their true composition or because of the technical manufacture as they were part of the flan preparation.

Date: 221–205 BC.

Parallels: compare with London, British Museum 2009,4181.15, 2010,4003.6, 2010,4003.7, 2010,4003.9, 2010,4003.10, 2010,4003.11, 2009,4181.11, G.2745 (all with one eagle) and 1971,1207.25 (Ptolemy VI Philometor); Sydney, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences N6546, N6554 (Ptolemy VI, Philometor and Ptolemy VIII); Chicago, Art Institute Chicago 1923.1192 (Ptolemy X, Soter II); Christchurch, Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities 180.96.10; Jerusalem, The Israel Museum 78.01654 (Ptolemy II); Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 86.830 (Ptolemy X).

Photo by Steve Morton