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AMEP Digital Literacies: Teaching Resources

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posted on 2022-08-17, 10:58 authored by Katrina TourKatrina Tour, Edwin Creely, Peter Waterhouse, Michael HendersonMichael Henderson


This booklet includes teaching resources which were designed and piloted by EAL teachers, with their learners participating in this research project. This booklet does not attempt to address all of the units in The AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide; however, these resources do relate directly to five units. These teaching resources illustrate how The AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide can be used in practice, and each of these lesson plans includes:

  • a link to The EAL Framework;
  • a sequence of lessons outlining procedures and activities;
  • relevant teaching materials, including worksheets, discussion questions and instructional videos created by teachers;
  • links to The AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and its key principles.