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AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide _ July 1.pdf (6.4 MB)

AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide

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posted on 2022-08-17, 10:56 authored by Katrina TourKatrina Tour, Edwin Creely, Peter Waterhouse, Michael HendersonMichael Henderson


This resource explains the notion of digital literacies, introduces a pedagogical framework for teaching digital literacies in adult EAL settings and presents 15 teaching units with a range of teaching ideas and loosely sequenced scaffolding activities which allows educators to:

  • connect learning units both to The EAL Framework, syllabus and to learners’ lives to achieve multiple learning objectives
  • adapt learning units for specific teaching contexts by modifying the tasks
  • adjust the level of challenge through different levels of scaffolded support, depending on learners’ strengths and needs
  • innovate by organising learning activities in different ways
  • use The AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide as a model for developing new learning units