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eLearning integration in the library: A case study

posted on 24.08.2017, 02:26 by Yiye HanYiye Han, Steven YatesSteven Yates
Monash University Library has embraced eLearning as a strategy in its contribution to information research and learning skills development within the university. This paper describes an evaluation of the implementation of the strategy with recommendations for sustaining and improving practice.

The evaluation is divided into four categories using a mixed methods methodology for evidence gathering. Quantitative and qualitative data is obtained from both primary and
secondary sources for an enriched understanding of practices.

Findings suggest that library staff have gained knowledge and skills indicating a sustainable
strategy. However, further work is required to sustain staff development and support staff requirements in the long term.

Research limitations/implications
This research is limited by its wide focus. Although this is mostly resolved through the use of multiple data collection methods, the thoroughness of the evaluation may have suffered while attempting to be comprehensive.

Practical implications
The conclusions of this evaluation as well as methods of its execution can be shared with other institutions wishing to produce eLearning resources in a sustainable and effective manner.

Monash University Library develops its eLearning resources in-house, whereas many other institutions outsource. The findings of this case study could be viewed as a positive
indication of this in-house practice, which in turn might inform other organisations who are looking for a financially beneficial eLearning alternative.