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posted on 08.01.2018, 13:50 by Stephen DaleyStephen Daley
The file contains mouse T cell receptor (TCR) sequences collected by multiplex PCR amplification of cDNA molecules followed by Illumina sequencing. Sequences were aligned to the mouse genome using MIGEC software (see doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2960 for details). Except for the header row, each row contains information about a unique TCR nucleotide sequence. Columns 1-11 contain output from MIGEC software. Columns 12-16 contain information about sample origin, detailed as follows: column 12 "sample_id" is an identifier for the sample of origin; column 13 "tcr_b" specifies the TCR beta chain status of donor mouse ("poly" = C57BL/6 inbred mouse strain); column 14 "organ" specifies organ of origin (thymus, "gut" = small intestine and spleen); column 15 "subset" specifies the T cell subset of origin ("t_p" = pre-selection thymocytes; "t_1" = wave 1 thymocytes; "t_r" = thymic T-reg; "t_4" = CD4+ naive thymocytes; "t_8" = CD8+ naive thymocytes; "g8a" = small intestinal CD8aa+ intraepithelial lymphocytes; "s_r" = splenic T-reg; "s_4" = splenic CD4+ naive T cells and "s_8" = splenic CD8+ naive T cells); column 16 is identical to column 15 except that column 16 shows whether the sample of origin was a CD25+ or CD25– fraction of a thymic or splenic T-reg population.


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