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Where's your phone? A survey of where women aged 15-40 carry their smartphone and related risk perception: a survey and pilot study

posted on 07.12.2016, 22:45 authored by Mary RedmayneMary Redmayne
The data were collected using Survey Monkey. All aspects used in the analyses are included here. 
The main dataset is from a survey assessing where women carry their smart phones. This identifies the proportion carrying it against or near specific body parts (eg inside the bra, in a pocket below waist level) with a view to providing information needed to do the power calculation for a case-control study (such as breast cancer). Women also provided their opinion of associated health risk. 
The sensitivity dataset assumes that the group who did not consider there was any risk in the first risk question (and were subsequently asked no further risk questions) would have said 'no' or 'probably not' to further risk questions, if asked. 


NHMRC grant 2013 CRE 1060205