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Vortex configuration match data (Figs. S8-S10) for "Evolution of large-scale flow from turbulence in a two-dimensional superfluid"

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posted on 2018-11-08, 01:42 authored by Shaun JohnstoneShaun Johnstone, Andrew Groszek, Phil StarkeyPhil Starkey, Christopher Billington, Tapio SimulaTapio Simula, Kristian Helmerson
A spreadsheet containing the values plotted in Figs. S8-S10 of "Evolution of large-scale flow from turbulence in a two-dimensional superfluid."

The three columns of the spreadsheet correspond to data used in Fig. 1 A, B & C, which are then plotted in Figs. S8, S9 & S10 respectively. Row 1 is a header, and row 2 contains the experiment file name. The remaining rows of each column contain the number of matching pixels found for each possible configuration of vortices, sorted from worst to best.


Australian Research Council: DP130102321, DP170104180, CE170100039