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The Possible Stories of Harry Power

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posted on 27.08.2019, 22:02 authored by Cat HopeCat Hope
for three improvising instruments, a.m. radio and computerised score generator.

​Harry Power was a bushranger in Victoria who is supposed to have ‘trained’ Ned Kelly in his criminal ways. There are many versions of how Ned Kelly came to be who he was. This piece is about versions. The written word (and note) is taken as fact, repeated throughout history. The oral story (or improvisation) is often expected to change as it passes though those who listen and retell it. When oral stories are written down in some point of history, they are likely to be different than how they started. In this work, there are a number of versions: composer versions, computer versions, player versions and combinations of all three. Written, listened to and ‘spoken’ versions. Pitch and volume are proportional, and the computer creates a score for the performers from the very performance of the composers score, altered by parameters provided by the composer. The computer generates 2 scores bookended by the composers scores.
The three parts represent Power, Kelly and Kelly’s mother, who introduced Kelly to Power. They meet, come together and move apart. The how and when of these movements are only partially documented historically. My first and last scores are two maps I made of these peoples movements in relation to each other in time.

Short Shorts WAAPA 2010
Decibel: Australiasian Computer Music Conference, Canberra, July 2010.
Australasian Musicological Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand July 2010


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