The Earth Defeats Me

2019-09-03T22:22:09Z (GMT) by Cat Hope
For 2 sustaining instruments and partition concrete.
Shock of the New, Perth, 2015.
TENOR Conference, Anglica Ruskin University, Cambridge UK, July 2016.
Forum Neue Musik in der Christianskirche, Hamburg, Germany, November 2017.

Due for release on Room 40 in November 2018.

This piece was co-composed with French music concrete artist Lionel Marchetti. It is scored for two sustaining instruments and an audio track created by Marchetti, which you can hear on its own here.

The work is performed on the Decibel ScorePlayer ipad application. The file contains Marchetti's audio file synchronised with the score - you will need to run the audio from the ipad into two bass amps.

All other instructions are in the score. If you need help with how to upload the score into the player, go here.

This is a partner piece to another piece by Cat Hope/Lionel Marchetti, 'The Last Days of Reality' for bass flute and tam tam, composed in 2018. A digital an hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.