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The Dark Hip Falls

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posted on 2019-09-03, 00:57 authored by Cat HopeCat Hope
A chamber concerto for Theremin and chamber ensemble.

Dedicated to Scott Walker (1943-2019)
Theremin, piano, violin, viola, cello, percussion and electronics.

The score is proportional, with the highest point of the screen being the highest pitch reference, the bottom being the lowest pitch reference. Line thickness indicates dynamic (should be pp – mf). The Theremin part should be performed in a more soloistic way, so can have an increased dynamic range.
Percussion [ bass drum, tam tam]: line = superball on bass drum, dashed line = large soft mallet roll on tam tam. Dashed opaque line = bow edge of tam tam.
Strings: dashed line=harmonic (keep relative pitch position if possible). Make bow changes as inaudible as possible.
Piano: Length of figure is total time fingers rest on keys. Only attack the note at the start of the sound. Opaque lines indicate soft pedal applied for duration of that note. Dashed bracket indicates application of ebow for that note. Pedal on for all notes.
The electronics should be a synth pad 250 hz and below, with mild tremelo or manipulated long string samples from the Scott Walker song (see below).
The score should be read in the Decibel ScorePlayer application on an iPad, or as a movie file, available here.

​Program Note

This work is a dedication to Scott Walker and his contribution to the idea of song in during the change of millennia. The title is a phrase from his song ‘The Electrician’, written for his band The Walker Brothers’ in 1978. The Theremin is used in place of Walkers voice, reflecting aspects of his tenor range such as his vibrato and clear tone, reframing the song as a concerto.


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