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The DREAM database

posted on 2023-09-01, 07:42 authored by William WongWilliam Wong, Thomas AndrillonThomas Andrillon, Nicolas DecatNicolas Decat, Valdas NoreikaValdas Noreika, Katja ValliKatja Valli, Jennifer WindtJennifer Windt, Naotsugu Tsuchiya


The Dream EEG and Mentation (DREAM) database collects and stores metadata about DREAM datasets, and is accessible to the public. DREAM datasets provide polysomnography and associated subjective mentation reports. Some datasets may also contain personally identifiable information about participants, but such information are not stored by the DREAM database.

Datasets are contributed to DREAM from many different labs in many different studies and, where possible, made openly accessible in the hope of pushing the fields of sleep, dream, brain-computer interface, and consciousness research forward. If you have data that others in the community might find useful, please consider contributing it to DREAM.


The DREAM database consists of a following data tables:

  • Datasets
  • Data records
  • People

The records in Datasets list all officially accepted DREAM datasets and their summary metadata. Data records lists metadata of each individual datum from these datasets. People provides information on the data contributors, referred to by Key ID in Datasets.