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The Australia Indonesia Centre (AIC)

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posted on 2016-09-29, 00:01 authored by Andrew TijsAndrew Tijs
The Australia-Indonesia Centre was established by the Australian Government in late 2013 to facilitate research-driven innovation and build stronger relationships between Australia and Indonesia. The Centre, hosted by Monash University, is a collaboration between Monash University, the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney, working with seven leading Indonesian universities.

The Australia-Indonesia Centre becomes the pre-eminent facilitator of multi-stakeholder collaboration between Australia and Indonesia to generate high-impact research and activities.

The Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) has three Core Objectives set in consultation with the Australian Government. They are to:
•        Strengthen and deepen Australia-Indonesia linkages and relationships across many sectors of society.
•        Pursue solutions to shared national challenges in areas such as Health, Food, Energy and Infrastructure via highly collaborative research.
•        Promote greater understanding and cultural awareness – Australians of Indonesia, and Indonesians of Australia.

The Australia-Indonesia Centre produces a range of reports and publications. Full brochures for our Leaders Programs as well as Scientific, Industry and Sociological Research Reports are available



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