Submerged in the Greater Will

2020-07-29T12:29:20Z (GMT) by Cat Hope

Submerged in the Greater Will
For 2 cellos, choir and sub tone.

Premiered by Tristen Parr, Judith Hamman (cellos), Monash University Singers at the Robert Blackwood Hall, September, 2018.
For eight Part choir: group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4. cello1, cello 2 and electronics.

The title refers to one of he challenges of democracy: where notions of individualism are consumed within a greater overarching will. This is played out in the piece, as choir sections mirror and copy each other, and the cello duet blend in and out of the mass of singers.

The score is proportional, with the highest point of the screen being the highest pitch reference, the bottom being the lowest pitch reference. Line thickness indicates dynamic (should be pp – mf). When text is black, it applies to all voices. Coloured text is specific to that part.
The electronics are embedded in the score and should be played through one or more subwoofers, using the mini jack line out of an ipad playing the score