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Stella Degradation

posted on 13.08.2019, 07:23 by Cat HopeCat Hope
This piece is inspired by a sketch Iannis Xenakis made for his piece Terretektorh (1956-66). Whilst there are many sketches for this famous piece, one is a combination of clouds of gentle lines, as well as hard symmetrical ones, grouped out on graph paper. This piece features many of the elements that are part of my ongoing interest in glissandi, drone, noise and an exploration of the concepts around the low frequency range of music.

It was commissioned by the Sound Stream Collective and is dedicated to Gabriella Smart.
You need the Decibel Score Player to read this peice on an ipad, and the score file to insert. ​A digital or hard copy of the score is available from Material Press.

Quintet version premiered at Sound Spectrum Festival, "Shock of the New", WAAPA, October 2012 [Live video below]
Duo version premiered at Samstag Museum of Art as part of Crowd Theory Adelaide, by Canadian's Eric Soucy (viola) and Peter Handsworth (clarinet).

"Cat Hope's 2012 Stella Degradation explored sound and noise at their most visceral and with its echoes of Xenakis evoked a wonderfully decadent blast from the past, although composed for the present. After so many years of postmodernism it was quite refreshing to soak up once more the extended technique sounds redolent of the 1960s, even if Soucy and Handsworth were using up-to-the-minute technology, with a tablet on their shared music desk scrolling along its graphic notation for them." Adelaide Now.


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