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Rutidosis leptorhynchoides DArT genotypes and sampling data 1

posted on 2021-06-15, 05:11 authored by Alexandra PavlovaAlexandra Pavlova, Yael Rodger, Paul Sunnucks
Genotyping and sampling data for the manuscript: Rodger, Y.S., Pavlova, A., Sinclair, S., Pickup, M., Sunnucks, P., 2021. Evolutionary history and genetic connectivity across highly fragmented populations of an endangered daisy. Heredity, 126, 846–858, available at https://doi.org/10.1038/s41437-021-00413-0.

File “DArT report Rutidosis leptorrhynchoides evolutionary history samples.csv” is the genotyping file from Diversity Arrays Technology.

File “Metadata.txt” explains content of columns and rows in the genotyping file.

File “Rutidosis_covariates evolutionary history samples.csv” is the covariate file, comprising location data for each individual; id- individual identification, pop- population name, lat- latitude, lon- longitude, notes- comment on whether an individual was excluded from the analysis and why.

File "Rutidosis_wild_population_data_FINAL_diploid.xlsx" contains sampling information for all individuals.


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