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Restoration Theatre Song Archive

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posted on 2015-09-10, 06:03 authored by Anthony Butler, Simon MusgraveSimon Musgrave

The dataset is an encoding as a TEI Corpus of the resource available as web pages and descibed there:

This archive, containing a close to complete record of the words of songs performed on the London stage between 1600 and 1702/3 and a substantial proportion of the surviving music, was prepared by Anthony Butler under an Australian Research Council grant awarded to Harold Love. We are grateful to the ARC and Monash University for their generous support of this project. Valued assistance and support was also given by Tracey Caulfield, Peter Groves, Felicity Henderson, Carlin Payne, Chris Worth and Philip Wheatland.

The primary aim of the project was to assemble material for a projected study by Harold Love of the Restoration theatre song as a performed work, to be conducted through a combination of stage-historical, musicological and dramaturgical understandings. As such it is to be regarded as a working tool, not a finished and complete record of its subject matter. It is offered in its present form for scholars, musicians, and theatre performers for whom it may have either this or other uses.


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